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My name is Dustin Ray Sedoris, and I am running to represent Nebraska's 2nd district. I am a 27-year-old Veteran of the United States Marine Corps born in Omaha Nebraska, loved and raised by my mother. During my time in the Marines, I was a company training NCO I had the responsibility to ensure that all Marines under my charge (312) became trained in everything from rifle qual, swim qual, to the difficult subjects of sexual assaults and sexual harassment. In this task, I had the fortune of serving with some of the best leaders, mechanics, women, and men in this nation. Who chose to sacrifice years of their lives in the service of the country above themselves, in short, best job I ever had. Suffering from a back injury, I would not be able to continue my Career in the Marine Corps. Upon exiting, I came back home to Omaha unable to find purpose in college, and a worsening back injury, a dishearting fact that my military career was not as long I had always believed it would. I found myself mired in suicidal depression reaching out to the Veterans Crisis Line (1-800-273-8255)  I was brought to the VA hospital where I received and continue to receive unparalleled treatment.  While in counseling I found that what was missing out of my life is to serve the American people yet again.  While not typical of most people and certainly no politicians in this day in age talk of challenges like these that they had experienced in life out of fear of looking broken in some way. I find the best advice is from those willing to speak about mistakes they made in hopes that others wouldn't fall into those traps. I see no reason why I cannot humble myself before the very people I seek to represent therefore not allowing cowardice to stifle my voice in talking about a sickness that thrives under the guise of a shortcoming of "Manhood" or weakness in character.  It is this level of blunt honesty that will form the bedrock of my representation. It is not for fame or fortune that drives me but the purpose in service.  Our vote drives the function of providing policies for our neighborhoods, and our nation run by we the people.