Federal Revenue Share

A revival of this wildly successful and popular program bringing back a Federal revenue share will bring in federal funds back down to the local level. This plan will bring $1 Billion each state to be distributed to the cities based on the population, then we the people vote on the issues we want to address with those funds. In line with this policy, I will donate down to the average income of my home town, Omaha NE. ($50,964) to our District to better serve and help inform our constituents about my voting decisions also to improve the general welfare of our District.
Approx. $124,000
"No man can get rich in politics unless he's a crook!" Harry S. Truman

Our National Healthcare Crisis

Our nation is the richest in the world if we are to continue this, we must have a healthy population to work. We currently rely heavily upon business to help with this aspect, it is wrong and throwing US companies at a more significant disadvantage in a worldwide competitive market to other nations with national healthcare plans. Not only will we be saving American lives, but also freeing Americans money from the squeeze of private health insurance companies"TAXING"Americans with outrageous monthly premiums and unaffordable deductibles. In our current system, we are also keeping Americans tied to a job or company that they would much rather leave to maintain health insurance, instead of allowing them to take an already huge dive into owning one's own business. American's will now know that should they make that leap that we as a nation rely on as the backbone of our economy small business, that venture will not jeopardize their families well-being or ability to receive the best medical care in the world simply put, we cannot afford not to have Medicare for all. We must also be stopping companies from being on the free ride of having a fair amount of funding for foundational research in prescription drugs. Research paid for in tax dollars, but patents allow these companies to stop the creation of generic drugs killing the competition and charging whatever they want on what we the people just funded.

Weapon System Responsibility

Gun owners do not want people stealing their weapons and have them used in shootings. We can be and should, as a nation funding weapons maker's advanced technologies such as proximity sensors and Biometric fingerprint readers. Strong, efficient background checks are fundamental and agreed upon step in the path seeking to end the atrocious misuse of weapons. I believe ensuring schools have propper threat prevention measures in place Counselors on hand to help young troubled kids to stop making life-ending mistakes before they happen. Trained resource officers to ensure threats are ended quickly and with the proper response to the situation, We will NOT be arming Teachers! Furthermore, I will be seeking to repeal the "Dicky" Amendment as this bar's our nation's ability to fund in the most basic ability to collect data on gun crimes we can not have a conversation without this vital information.

Radical White Nationalism

Choosing to ignore a significant terror threat growing within our nation only emboldens their words and encourages their actions. With our Presidents attempts to be politically correct these crazed vile people fester and breed like a virus. Seeking yet again to sicken and weaken our nation back to a time where our American forefathers wore little more than loincloths and chains enduring manual labor thought beneath the white man. Should these people demand treatment as humans with souls deserving of breathing free they would only be given that freedom in death. I will not stand idly by while this filth attempts to lay claim to our flag saying, people that don't look like us don't speak our language are only trying to invade our nation. Believing as if their ancestors weren't the tired, the poor, the huddled masses yearning to breathe free! No, my fellow Americans these are not "Very fine people" Therefore, I believe the best way to "cure" this illness is constant public shaming. Requiring that our leaders forever publicly shame these brainless beliefs back to where they belong, skulking into its incestual practices of circle jerking thoughts of racial superiority until their ideology fades into what they shall be remembered as, Little more than scars of a pox that once tore this nation asunder.

Criminal Justice Reform

An end of the prohibition on Cannabis. I will not have convicted rapists and pedophiles receiving shorter sentences roaming the streets in this nation while non-violent drug offenders rot in our prisons. A restructuring of youth crime, Children, are going to make a lot of stupid decisions. However, creating a pipeline of adolescent mistakes leading to little more than small stints of freedom with long prison sentences, shown us that we only seek to lock away our problems instead of addressing their causes. The FBI must be able to collect data on any, and all police shootings that involve a citizens death and non-local prosecutor must pursue the case to the fullest extent of the law. The racial disparity within our justice system does little more than making a mockery of our claim to be a free and just nation.

Our Political System

Gerrymandering must be politically neutral as possible, Term Limits 3: 4-year terms for members the Congress 2: 6-year terms for members of the Senate and 1: 8-year term for the president. Should a petition gain %55 of the represented population a mandatory election must be held for the position. I intend to pursue a Constitutional Amendment getting money out of our political system sending a return of government accountablity back to we the people. These fixes will help Americans both take back the power from special interest groups and keep politicians time limited as not to get complacent while also ensuring stable and consistent leadership.


Trillion in non-defaultable debt hamstringing a generation unable to buy houses or otherwise participate in our economy. Elimination of this debt will allow this generation to launch our economy forward in ways promised yet not delivered in the Trump Tax cuts. With an almost across the board requirement for a college degree in seemingly almost every industry only shows how far we've comes as a nation. Entry-level positions now requiring16 yrs of schooling is far from a bad thing. The solution of tuition-free education must not only apply to public colleges but also take into account valuable trade schools these investments must happen. Without this, we will yet again be behind other nations who understand the cost of their future and how to properly invest in the very people that make advancements in their industries to further national success.

Climate Change

I will not allow our country to be handcuffed to destructive inefficient ways of power generation and transportation dragging this country to the bottom of technological innovation. As we stand still and refuse to prioritize these advancements other nations around the globe race gain the lead in renewable energy. As Americans, we will pursue and come back to the front of innovation and technological advancement; leading the way in the creation and advances in thorium powerplant generators, solar power, and wind turbines. This threat must also be spoken about as a national security issue of the highest order, with a new era of cyber-warfare critical infrastructure like water treatment plants and our power grids are subject to attacks. We must prepare this new infrastructure stronger than the coming opponents of more powerful storms, higher waterways, and rising oceans.